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Tumble Together

Parent/ Caregiver Supported Gymnastics for ages 2 - 4

Program Overview

Tumble Together is a parent or caregiver-supported gymnastics class for ages 2 - 4. Got a little one ready to explore the gym, but would still prefer that a parent or caregiver provide support? We get it.


For Tumble Together class, our staff will organize and lead a 45-minute gymnastics class full of all the typical stuff: Tramps, tumbling, beams, bars, and foam pit complete with some large group instruction to help introduce our youngest learners to some foundational skills like "following directions", moving our bodies in safe ways and practicing self-control. The goal of this class is to help your tot learn to love learning. This is also a great class for busy moms who have "2 littles" and would prefer they just participate at the same time. 

Sample class schedule: 

10 minutes: Explore! Get comfortable with the space at BGC!

10 minutes: Tumble Trak station

10 minutes: Large group, coach-led activity (Gross motor activity and stretching)

10 minutes: Skill work through obstacle courses or work stations

5 minutes: Explore! You have worked hard and now it's time to play! 


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