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Non-Competitive, Pre - Team Program

Program Information

Why PowerGym?

  • No recreational enrollment rush! PowerGym enrollment is through automatic monthly enrollment instead of a registration "rush" each session. You stay enrolled at the same time with the same peers! This is a fabulous way to foster "gymnastics buddy" friendships that extend outside the gym. 

  • Extended practice time! PowerGym practice is 1.5 hours long and participants will have more opportunities to expand their skill set!

Program  Overview

The BGC PowerGym program is a progressive, non- competitive program that strives to provide a rewarding gymnastics experience for athletes who have participated consistently in recreational program and are ready to take their skills to the next level! This is a preparatory program for a potential future in competitive gymnastics in either USA Gymnastics or the Minnesota State High School League. The program is designed to be a springboard for success in gymnastics, other sports and life. 


PowerGym participants range in age from 3 - 10 and train in a group with similarly aged peers 1 day per week for 1.5 hours per day. Athletes register for PowerGym and stay enrolled in PowerGym each month until they drop enrollment. Athletes will participate in "Family Night Events" a few times per year at BGC and may participate in other local events as they are available. 

Over age 10? We recommend participants age 10 and older participate in our Balance Brigade, non-competitive program. Interested? Check out the info here: BGC Balance Brigade

Entering the program

To make sure that athletes demonstrate a dedication to the sport and that they FOR SURE enjoy it, we require that you participate in at least 3 recreational sessions or one-week summer camps and have basic understanding of the foundational skills included in our recreational program (rolls, handstands, cartwheels, bridges). Alternatively, participants may receive a special invitation for our team programs based on their overall performance, strength, flexibility and endurance.

Helpful Team Information

  • Parents/caregivers are responsible for timely arrival to all practices and events. Athletes should not arrive earlier or stay longer than 10 minutes before or after practice unless specific arrangements have been made with BGC staff. Early arrivals and late pickups that without prior approval may result in a childcare fee being applied to your account.

  • Athletes are required to wear a ONE piece leotard, with or without tight fitting shorts, to practice. Skirts of any kind, long leggings or loose shorts are NOT allowed. Athletes arriving in unacceptable apparel will not be allowed to practice. Hair must be secured away from the face without bulky, distracting hair pieces/headbands. 

  • During practices, parents are allowed to watch, but are expected to stay in the viewing area. We ask that you don’t talk to your athlete/coaches during their practice time or during special events. 

  • If you have questions or concerns regarding your athlete or the program, contact Tiffany Jennen, gym owner at

  • If you are going to be absent, notifying the coaches is not required, but you are welcome to do so via BGC email. To help our staff with a work/life balance, please do not call/text any BGC coaches personal phones regarding your athlete unless it’s an emergency. Email is preferred. 

  • Appropriate behavior of coaches, athletes and parents/guardians is a requirement whenever we are with our team or at team events. Athletes and parents/guardians are expected to be professional, respectful, and display good sportsmanship.  

  • BGC Team athletes must keep passing grades at school. If you are having an issue with grades, please speak to a coach and we will help how we can. 

  • BGC has a no tolerance policy for athlete misconduct, disrespect and/or inappropriate behavior. 

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