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Ninja equipment.jpg


Tramp, Tumbling and Ninja Training

Program Overview

NinjaFit classes are a combination of activities on the trampolines, tumbling areas and "ninja rig".

Participants will learn basic tramp and tumbling skills and increase their overall strength and confidence in a safe, high energy environment. Participants register to attend with similar age peers and coaches make accommodations for abilities throughout each class. Ninjafit classes classes will leave you sweaty, and stronger! Our ninjafit classes are designed purely for enjoyment and exercise.

Participants seeking a strong gymnastics foundation should register for FFF classes.

Sample class: 

10 minutes: Large motor endurance/fitness game or activity in floor area

10 minutes: Tumble Track Area

5 minutes: Stretching/Strength exercises

10 minutes: Tumbling skill work/Foam Pit Time

10 minutes: Upper body strength and agility training on Ninja Rig