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Fun(damentals), Flips and Friends

Recreational Gymnastics Classes for ages 5 - 14

Program Overview

Fun, Flips and Friends (FFF) classes are the most appropriate classes for a majority of girls wishing to participate in gymnastics. The program is designed to cover a broad range of traditional beginning and intermediate "FUNdamentals" in a constant motion format. Participants will do practice skills and drills by working their way through through obstacle courses, workstations and large and small group activities and games. Participants will increase their strength, flexibility and endurance in a fun and safe environment. Girls register to attend class with same age peers and our staff will create appropriate small groups within each class.

Skills are introduced through a weekly skill focus format, however all classes include a wide variety of skill work. Skills introduced include, but are not limited to: rolls, bridges, handstands, cartwheels, leaps, jumps, turns and time spent exploring the floor, bars, beams and trampolines during every class. These skills will be extended as participants show readiness. Example: Those who can bridge will learn to kick over and arch to bridge and those who can handstand will learn to roll. Mastered that cartwheel? Time for a roundoff! 

Sample class schedule (Classes may vary depending on age): 

10 minutes: Tumble Trak Time

10 minutes: Cardio/fitness agility work on floor exercise

10 minutes: Uneven bar skill work

10 minutes: Balance beam skill work

10 minutes: Tumbling/Flexibility skill work

Ready for more? Have you taken at least 3 consecutive sessions of Fun, Flips and Friends and you want MORE? You may be ready for our PowerGym team program. 


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