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BGC Field Trips

BGC is proud to offer a field trip opportunity to schools and other local groups. Experience one hour of constant motion fun and exploration of our facility and equipment including coach led games, obstacle courses and workstations throughout our facility. 

How much does a field trip cost? 

1-12 Students: $100/ Group

13 - 24 Students: $125/Group

25 - 36 Students: $150/Group

37 - 48 Students: $175/Group

Note: Children age 4 and under will need at least one extra active adult helper per 

12 children to assist with following directions. 

Example: 27 preschoolers would need 3 active adult helpers to actively assist BGC Staff

Please consider additional support for children with special needs. 

When can I schedule a BGC Field Trip?

Please reach out via email for availability at least one month in advance. 

How do I reserve and prepare for a field trip?

  1. Email:"> to work on scheduling your special day.

  2. Get BGC waivers, supplied in an email to be printed at school and collected at school and brought the day of the event. Children without a waiver will not be allowed to participate. 

  3. What to know the day of the event: 

    1. Bring your waivers and payment. Payment due prior to playing. Cash or credit. Checks from local school districts only. No personal checks. 

    2. Let your group know they need to wear comfortable, athletic apparel! No socks, no baggy clothing, no jeans, no zippers, no buttons, jewelry (stud earrings are ok). 

    3. Longer hair should be secured away from your face for safety. 

    4. Bring a water bottle with your name on it! You’ll be thirsty! We have cups and water available, but individual water bottles are very handy! 

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