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BGC Xcel Team

Competitive Team Program

Program Information

Program  Overview

The Xcel Program is a USA Gymnastics program that strives to provide a rewarding competitive gymnastics experience. The BGC Xcel Team ranges in age from 7 - 18, practices 2 times per week for 2 - 3 hours per day all year. The team consists of athletes who have mastered foundational skills and demonstrate an exceptional willingness to do the work required to achieve excellence. 

BGC Xcel Team athletes must become members of USA Gymnastics. They will travel to 4-6 meets in the tri-state area and compete in their level at USA Gymnastics sanctioned events. (Qualifying meets may be required.) Athletes will compete in the following levels of competition including: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Athletes will have the opportunity to qualify for State and Regional Championships. The BGC Xcel team will also participate in local team opportunities as they are available. 


Progression through the program

Athletes' competitive level will be determined by coaching staff by September 31 of each season. Typically, athletes will stay in their competitive division for the duration of the competitive season.  Competitive division choices are based on meet scores and ability to consistently execute the requirements of each level. Coaches will consistently monitor and make programming adjustments for athletes to ensure their programming is most appropriate for each participant.

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