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     BGC exists to enriches life through gymnastics by being a place of joy, friendship, and learning for our community. BGC was created so that children, regardless of their abilities, can experience the thrill of bouncing on a trampoline, balancing on a beam, and swinging on a bar. Additionally, BGC seeks to provide a place for dedicated gymnasts to reach their full potential by providing a training environment that encourages individuals to push themselves just beyond their comfort zones and experience the rewards of hard work and perseverance.


The name Balance Gymnastics Center was selected for this facility because striking a balance in life with all that this world has to offer is one of the keys to happiness. Additionally, the physical skill of balance is a key component of the sport. So, the name just fits! BGC strives to be a place that values all of life's opportunities and relationships while providing an opportunity to have gymnastics be a part of your life journey. 

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