BGC Mission:

Enrich lives through the sport of gymnastics

Balance Gymnastics Center is excited to have gymnastics classes available for all children,

boys and girls, ages 18 months - 18 years.

We are located in downtown Fergus Falls in the old Shopko building at 226 E Lincoln. 



A moment of reflection ...

     Gymnastics has literally, and figuratively, taken me from sea to shining sea and given me a large extended gymnastics family that I can't imagine my life without. It feels like yesterday that I was standing on the podium with medals clanking in competitions all across the nation. ​I can still hear the crowds roaring while I balanced on my hands all alone at center court of a packed house Madison Square Garden, William's Arena, my local high school, and everything in between. And after nearly 20 years of coaching, my palms still sweat and I get butterflies in my stomach when I take athletes to their meets. After all this time an evening of coaching renews my spirits and brings me energy I can carry through my week as I raise my children. The sport has shaped me and enriched my life in countless ways. 

     Opening BGC is an unbelievably golden opportunity for me... My hope is that it will be a place of joy, friendship, and learning for my community. I want all children, regardless of their abilities, to experience the thrill of bouncing on a trampoline, being upside down, balancing on a beam, and swinging on a bar. I want kids to have the opportunity to learn the life lessons all levels of gymnastics can teach.

     The name Balance Gymnastics Center was chosen because I truly feel that striking a balance in life with all that this world has to offer is the ultimate key to happiness. Additionally, physical balance is a key component of the sport. The name just fits! My dream is that BGC will be a place that values all of life's opportunities and gives children an opportunity to have gymnastics be a part of their life story!

Some thank you notes...

     Thank you to Fergus Falls Gymnastics Academy and ISD 544 for laying the foundation and helping to keep the sport viable in our community for so many years. Thank you to my parents, Russ and Vicki. Even when I doubted myself, you encouraged me to find my place in the sport because you saw the benefits. Thank you to my husband, Brent, for being "my person". Your love and support are beyond measure and the anticipation of doing the rest of our lives together is so exciting. Thanks to my five beautiful daughters. Each of you has taught me so much about myself and you constantly remind me what's important in life. I cannot imagine this world without each of you. And finally, thanks to my extended family and friends, both inside and outside of my gymnastics world, who have put up with all of my antics, including yoga pants and hooded sweatshirts at social gatherings and spontaneous handstand contests for years. I love all of you.


Tiffany Jennen