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Important Dates 

Spring Session 2/20 - 5/14 (12 weeks)

Monday weather make up (2/21) : 5/16

Summer Session: 6/6 - 7/1

Fun Flips and Friends Camp 1: 7/25 - 7/28

Fun, Flips and Friends Camp 2: 8/15 - 8/18

See portal for team camp info

Summer 2022 Registration is OPEN!

Jump! Run- Explore...

Open Gym- 12 years and under with active caregiver

(Max 3 children per caregiver)

$6 per child 

No pre-registration required

September - May 11

Tuesdays 9:30 am -11:00 am

Wednesday 9:30 am - 11:00 am

June 10 - August 19

Fridays 9:30 - 11:00 am

Coming Soon!!! BoyZone and GirlZone classes featuring: Tramps, Tumbling and NINJA

Recreational Classes FAQs

What age group should I sign up for? In order to provide a developmentally appropriate experience, our classes are divided by age. Athletes will be grouped within each class based on their abilities as needed. 

Borderline age group? We firmly believe parents know best! We have overlap in ages because we know each child is different! Choose a group that aligns with your child's individual maturity. We coach based on abilities, not age! 

What should I wear? Wear something comfortable. A leotard or tight fitting shirt and shorts works great. No zippers, buttons, jeans or loose fitting clothing. No socks! For safety reasons, hair needs to be pulled away from the face securely. 

Can parents watch the class? Sure, we have a parent viewing area, but as a general rule: Please limit spectators. We try to utilize as much space in our facility for fun! More space for spectators = less space for rolling, flipping and flying. :) If you have a participant who may need bathroom support, stick around! We’d love your help with bathroom needs!

What should I bring to gymnastics? A water bottle with your name on it! Don’t bring any valuables and try to minimize personal belongings that will need to be stored while you participate. 

Can I make up for missed classes? No refunds or make-up classes are permitted for missed classes. See inclement weather policy for weather related cancellations. 

Will I get charged if I add my name to a wait list? Nope! No payments are processed until you are actually enrolled in the class or camp. Our system requires credit/debit cards on file for all customers for ease of future transactions. 

Can you save my spot in a class or camp? No, all enrollments are on a first come, first served basis and payment is required upon enrollment. Credit cards may take up to 5 days to fully process. 

Class didn’t work out for us. Can I get a refund? If you come to your first class and decide gymnastics isn’t for you, we offer all families an option of a one time refund for remaining classes. This refund is only available within 24 hours of your first class. 

How do I pay for my class? You can make a payment through your online portal or by completing the online registration page. If you pay through your portal, this payment is processed immediately. If you paid through the online registration form, we'll review your registrations prior to processing the payment. All payments are typically fully processed within 5 days.

I found an opening in a class and I want to start even though I missed a few weeks. What do I do? Register and get ready to rock! We'll see you at your first scheduled class. Your fees will automatically be prorated for late starts to class. We can't wait to see you. Joining late is "no biggie". 

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